Billing and Operation

How do I calculate how much to charge my tenant for electricity?

Calculating charges is something best done with a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel.  Label the columns Date, Reading, Used, Rate and Amount.  Enter the date of the reading and the reading in KWH. In every row after the first one, enter a formula to subtract the reading from the month before from the amount you just entered. Enter the rate per KWH in the Rate column and enter a formula in the Amount column that multiplies the value in Used by the value in Rate.  The amount will be the amount to charge the tenant for the current period.

How do I read the meter?

Almost all EZ Meters read in full kilowatt hours with no multiplier required. The meters can be ordered with different resolutions. resolution is printed on the meter label where “Display Units:” will either show 1.0 KWH, 0.1 KWH, or 0.01 KWH.  Most meters sold for use in marinas have 0.1 KWH resolution and the display counter will have the right most number be a different color.  Check the label to be sure.