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Most users will only need to access the Electrical Installation and Billing & Operation choices of the Meter Installation & Operation menu. Everything else is only applicable to Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems.

EZ Meter Lynx is a system that includes a small computer connected to the internet that reads meters and sends the data to the cloud. It is accessed with a browser to set up the system and reports of readings can be seen or downloaded over the Local Area Network (LAN). It includes a very simple billing system. Users can also log into https://ezmeterlynx.com to access the same data. For users needing a complete energy management system, Lynx can also export meter readings to Vitality Energy Management.

In addition to Lynx, there are three software packages for reading Modbus capable EZ Meters.

  1. EZ Meter Configuration Tool is a utility program that is helpful when troubleshooting Modbus communications. It is also helpful to users developing there own Modbus meter reading apps in that it shows the bytes sent and received when querying a meter.
  2. EZ Meter Power Suite consists of three programs: EZ Meter Access is a Windows desktop application for configuring the system and generating reports of usage. It also has a billing feature; Power Watch is a similar program that allows users to view the same reports in their web browser; and EZ Meter Server, is a Windows service that runs in the background and reads the meters on a schedule set in one of the other programs.
  3. EZ Meter ReadIt was the forerunner of EZ Meter Power Suite and is no longer available. Existing users with questions can send us questions that will be answered here.

If you don’t find answers to your questions, use the Contact Us page to send a question to our support staff. Or you can call 805-688-9696 during normal business hours (Mountain Time) for general questions about installation. Questions about AMR systems should go directly to our software department at 805-697-7025.

An EZ Meter manual in PDF format covers everything about the basic installation and manual operation of the system.